Friday, September 5, 2008

My 'Bisa (aka S'bisa)

Yes, to those of you who dont know either where the name came from or why I am posting about a dining hall... I named a dog after a dinning hall on campus... S'bisa. :-)

Here she is as a puppy when she was still mine... I think we were feeding her peanut butter.

I miss her :-( I wish I hadnt given her away, but I would have been mean to keep her in an apartment. I feel quite lonely at times. Not because I dont have friends here... but because I dont have my support group to come home to like last year. there is only so much a boyfriend and family can do. I miss my friends... and my dog. lol. Ok this post is really because I was stalking Sbisa's new owner and found a picture of grown -up "rory"... thats what they re-named her. I think 'Bisa is WAY better, but whatever.... she will always be my lil 'bisa!! So, Amanda and Walker and Ash... you three will appreciate this picture... Look how big she looks!! And Walker... look how much her face looks like Sugar!!! (my other dog that I miss dearly!!!!)

Big 'bisa is still just as cute as ever!!! Ok.... here are some pics from this week!! Enjoy!!


ashley said...

hey so you just want to keep it a wednesday thing every week? s'bisa is HUGE, weird...

Anonymous said...

so WEIRD.....sbisa is a beasta. he he. she does look like sugykins. oh weird....who would have known sbisa would get so big! are you sure that is the same dog? I bet you do miss can have our dog. She is a t. ferguson. oh we miss you guys, glad you are safe.