Monday, August 10, 2009


I got a new car!! :-) Im super excited to have a reliable car! It was perfect timing. Kyle and I have been looking at cars for a while, and none of them really seemed to be the right car. Well, last weekend my mom managed to sell Big Red to a college student, and that meant that it was crunch time for me to find a suitable car within our budget. We started searching for one that we right for us, and just couldnt find anything that we really thought would work. I was really starting to stress out, because I was soon going to be without a car to drive (I had been driving Spencer's truck while he was away). God knew my situation though, and he knew that he had the perfect car for me. We ended up finding a car that we listed on craigslist with super low miles and right at our budget. I knew something had to be wrong with the car, because it was too good to be true. Could a car really just pop up like that? YEP it surely did! My mom thankfully was able to drive all over town to make sure the car was in suitable condition and I ended up with a new car before the week was over! God knew how to take care of me.

Its a cute little car. Its smaller than what I would have liked, and it doesnt have any frilly stuff in it, but it is a great car that will last us a while. You know... it really is crazy how God provides... and how he provides at the perfect time. Not necessarily at the time you would like, or how you would like, but he takes care of you. I am going to really have to practice leaning on him and trusting that he will provide and take care of our needs as Kyle and I transition into this new "military world" that is such an unknown to me. I will learn... We will learn together.

Alrighty... its off to do some more studying for me!! Last week of my first semester of Grad School! EEKK!

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Ashley Miller said...

that car is totally you! it's very cute! miss you