Wednesday, August 5, 2009

OK, Sorry I quit Blogging

Ok, so recently I have all but been yelled at by a few people because I just flat out stopped blogging. Sorry guys!! Ill give you an update on the past year (almost) of my life

* Amanda returned from Hawaii!
* I am engaged
* I am planning a wedding on Jan. 30, 2010
* I have a cat named Achilles, but he only answers to Kiki
* I also got a dog. His name is Sullivan Pedro and hes the cutest little thing... even if he is about 20 lbs smaller than we had hoped for!
* Christen Deberry moved back to Texas!! :-) I got to hang out with she and Eric one Saturday this summer.
* Heather got into A&M. There will officially be 6 of us cousins at A&M this fall.
* I moved out into the country (sort of) in a cute little house
* I have a roomie who turned out wonderfully this time
* My cousin Jordan moved in with us this summer... suprise suprise we havent killed each other yet.
* I am leaving College Station in the Spring to go wherever Kyle is going to be stationed.
* I started running this summer. We started training for a half marathon, but I think its gonna take a while to get there. lol we are still only running 2.5 miles at a time! :-)
* Kyle and I went to a marraige counseling at FBC bryan, one of the best things we have done! Gave us some real insights on our relationship!

Hmmmm..... its hard to think of a lot of stuff off the top of your head.

OH here are a couple BIG things:

(1) I obviously am NOT in Dubai. When the Petroleum market crashed, I decided to stay and apply for grad school. This turned out to be the right decision because just a couple of months ago the company I was going to work for closed down the Dubai office. It was definitely a God thing that the "Dubai door" was closed when it was, or I would be without a job and not in school.
(2) I got into the MS Accounting program at University of Connecticut. I started in May and I will be finishing my first semester next week. Its been rough, but managable. The entire program is completely online, so its been a whole new learning experience. I really do like it though. Its a lot of work, but I am learning a lot too.

Ill try to be better about blogging to keep everyone updated!

Love you guys! Pictures to come soon!